Peace .. is a phlosophy of “power of throw”

In our time, the Sport has become a social, Cultural and Economic Phenomenon that attracts the attention of all segments of society and has become a measure of the culture and Progress of Peoples and is an Important means of promoting the Peace among Peoples.


Because the Peace is a Human and Noble Goal in order to Promote Friendship, Respect, Love, Tolerance and non-racial discrimination between, Race, Religion and Color. We seek through the KOWAT ALRAMI SPORTS, Reach in the International Sporting Activities, the spread of Peace among peoples for the benefit of humanity, and the definition of our culture and civilization within the program of cultural exchange and social relations.

Founder President

Prof. Walid Kassas

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الإعلان عن بعثة المنتخب المصري للتايكوندو المتجهة إلى أكرا 2024

أعلن الاتحاد المصري للتايكوندو  عن بعثة المنتخب المصري المشاركة في منافسات دورة الألعاب الأفريقية. وتقام …

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