Greek parties offers to Greek with Arab roots martial arts professor to involve into politics

After the shining of Mo.  Salah In the UK, the European community started to look at immigrants with a different point of view. That’s according to the head of the International Organization for Migration, Laurent de Buick, at a conference in Cairo in 2019

In the same old continent, there is another star person, who immigrated to Greece forty years ago, and became a Greek citizen; He was able to attract the spotlight by his slogan: my value is coming from what I do, not from my home or my religion

He is Bitar H. petro … a Greek citizen of Syrian roots

He immigrated to Greece forty years ago. He studied martial arts and obtained a Ph.D., a diploma in psychology, and a diploma in alternative medicine ,reflexology

A founder of world trainers association, the first and the only association which put roles to spotlight the high role of the trainer without costing the trainer even a single cent. ” I believe that everyone has to value sports away from any kind of financial abuse and avoid opportunistic people

Despite his many charitable deeds, one of his acts made the spotlight shine on him; He took the initiative, through (WOPAJ) World Organization for Peace and Justice which is a non-profit association, to record the data of immigrants to Greece in the early part of the pandemic. At that time, the Greek government announced unexcitable missions for immigrants to do due to Covid-19. Instead of his country, Petro Registered the immigrants and bush it to the Greek government he was unable to register immigrants to his country due to precautionary measures, so  Petro did so in place of his country

I did so, to be Greece able to observe the migrants during the pandemic ,Bitar said,  so that, Greece could help those who need help, and expel the outlaws, And those who hide behind humanitarian asylum are those who abuse the country and its residents and foreigners who abide by the laws, and who bring sectarianism to the country to pay the price for people who desperately need help

This was not the only action this icon did, For example, he organized three conferences about martial arts training for disabled people in Athena with the involvement of international lecturers and professors

After his successful career, Petro H. Bitar received many offers from parties from far left to far right, to access Greek political life among these parties. And that’s because of their trust of his integrity and his ability of serving home through his experience and his career

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