Jean-Claude Van Damme Breaks Down the Top 3 Fight Scenes of His Career

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If we’re talking about The Best Jean-Claude Van Damme Scenes of all time, we gotta be honest: it’s hard to top the one-take monologue toward the end of JCVD, his 2008 semi auto-fiction film about a robbery gone… weird. Van Damme rises through the ceiling while speaking to the camera in French. The speech highlights much of the ups and downs of the actor’s own life – his action star success, his addictions, his need for adoration. It lasts almost 7 minutes and will leave you in manly tears. It may also change everything you thought you knew about the muscles from Brussels.


But wipe your eyes, because we’re here to talk about kicking ass. Men’s Health sat down with the action movie legend to answer the internet’s questions – like whether he actually kicked Liam Hemsworth during a take (no, “if I did, his ribs would be broken”) and just how he managed a split between two moving Volvo trucks (25 minutes of warm up and a couple weeks of training). Honestly, answers you–and we—could only dream of. What a true legend.


But then we hit JCVD with something a bit harder: we asked Jean-Claude Van Damme to rank the top three Best Jean-Claude Van Damme fight scenes of all time. Here’s JCVD’s take.

  1. Bloodsport (1988) – Final fight with Chong Li




  1. Lionheart (1990) – Final fight with Atilla





  1. The Bouncer (2019) – Garage fight scene


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